Having fun on your holidays? Yeah - we love that, too!

We are 3 fellow lads who love to take actions on things we need in our daily life. Jacob lives in Vienna, Anders lives in Paris and Mathias lives in Copenhagen, and all together we love to do funny things in our daily life. We love playing football, climbing, surfing, skiing, drinking good coffee and simply just spend time with friends and family.

Thus, we started to create the Actodoo App back in 2019.

The Actodoo App is more than an App. It is now officially your new best friend! You will bring it everywhere, and you will now always have access to great activities in Copenhagen.

We have literally taken all the greatest activities in Copenhagen and gathered it into one simple and fun platform - Actodoo! Beside from all the "Must-sees in Copenhagen", we provide you with free activities, outdoor activities, fun activities, historical activities, games, food courses, and much more. We promise you - both the activities will be fun - but also the Actodoo universe! 

Today you will find us on App Store and we have made it much easier to find activities in Copenhagen.